International Community High School began in 2006. It is part of the International Network for Public Schools. It was founded when the network expanded, becoming the 8th international school. The school began under the leadership of Berena Cabarcas who has been the school's principal since its commencement. ​ International Community High School is a progressive public school situated in the vibrant South Bronx that has been dedicated to educating English Language Learners.

We specialize in educating recently-arrived immigrant youth. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to helping students from all cultures develop their English language skills and prepare for their new lives in this country.

Project Based High School

International Community High School is a New York Performance Standards Consortium SchoolBeing part of this network allows our school to assess students using PBAT (Project Based Assessment Task) portfolios instead of high-stakes Regents exams. The only Regents exam the students need to pass to graduate is the ELA Regents.


Students must demonstrate competency in their core classes through the use of their PBAT portfolio projects.  This is not to say that PBATs are any easier that the Regents Exam. This approach allows students to develop skills that will authentically prepare them for their post-secondary life. Through PBATs, the student engages in research which requires critical thinking, high-level reading, and preparation. Additionally, the student must be able to collect and analyze data. Furthermore, the students must present and defend their research to a panel that can consist of their peers, teachers, and school administrators.

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Our Mission

Located in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, we aim to facilitate an equitable environment where immigrants and the children of migrants fully expand their capacity as strategic and informed advocates for themselves and their families.

Our Vision

Inspiring lifelong learners to achieve family-sustaining careers, choice-filled lives, and thoughtful improvements in their communities.